Mile 19: The Police Arrest (Part 2)


“It was late November or early December 2005. Our son, Lukas, was two months old and we were getting used to being parents. I remember waking up in the middle of the night. Still half asleep, I shot a look at the cot next to our bed. Lukas was unusually sound asleep. So, what was it that woke me up if not the sound of a crying baby? I turned the other way to face Mike – and as I did, I could see something unusual, odd rather: lying on his front, Mike was clutching at the pillow under his head, shaking uncontrollably. Was he awake? Only then did I notice blood on his pillow. I felt stunned and disabled. Scared beyond words, I ran downstairs to knock on the neighbours door (I had no idea what time it was nor did I care to find out). When the door opened, I could barely speak. Our kind neighbours, Marie and Brian, followed me upstairs, sensing something was wrong, very wrong. With them by my side (and our son still fast asleep despite the commotion around him), I managed to call 999 and explain that something was wrong with Mike. They agreed to come straightaway, which they did.”

(You can read my version of this event here The Police Arrest (Part 1))

Lukas Flower
“Two months later, there came an even greater shock. I went to visit my mum in Bratislava with Lukas. It was early Spring and Mike and I agreed to be in touch daily or at least every other day. He called us once, maybe twice, then went silent. It was unusual for him to stop communicating like that and it got me worried about what was going on. My worry turned into annoyance, suspecting him to be “living it up” while our son and I were away… the truth, as I later found out, is that he had told about the brain tumour and could not find the words to break the news to us over the phone. It was a strange kind of relief for him to tell me – and for me to hear when we got back to London.

“I remember Mike was determined from the start that early surgery was the only way forward. He was right.”


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