Mile 17: Back to Work

I’ve been told my Easter holiday pose looks less than satisfactory…

Easter breaker
My look of distain is likely to have more to do with my own choice of clothing than to do with my countryside contemplations… but starting back at work this morning, I’m reflecting on a different mood.

10 years ago, after my operation, my epilepsy had started coming back. But rather than being caused by the tumour, it was now a side-effect of having to cut through my brain’s protective membrane in the operation. This meant that – for unexplained reasons – they now came in the daytime, not the night time.

Travelling to work each day on the tube was disarming. Would I have a seizure mid-rush hour and would anyone around me even give a shit to help?! My route often involved getting off at Oxford Street station – Victoria line – and heading to the Central Line. And each morning I came across this corner…

Safe Zone

In my mind, I made it my safe zone. People would pour through this corridor but leave the corner itself untouched, and if ever I were to suffer an epileptic fit I decided that I would tuck myself into that corner away from the stream of commuters and do my thing (which would last roughly 90 seconds).

I never did need that space… but now every time I pass it, I think back to those vulnerable times.

1 in 6 people suffer from some form of brain condition, and 1 in 20 will suffer from epilepsy at some point in their lives. So next time you turn a corner like this one, just look out for the weirdo… and offer a hand if they need one.




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