Mile 15: Team Effort

The fund-raising and the training’s almost over… but it’s thankfully been a team effort with my sister for what might have otherwise been a lonely road!

Me and Carolyn.JPG

And Sunday we reached our hardest milestone yet:
YESSS!!  We finally completed our longest training run… 35km! And remarkably we haven’t fallen by the wayside and we’re still smiling (even if through gritted teeth).  As you know both my brother and I are running the London Marathon for the first time.  A mixture of excitement and nerves… and the day is approaching faster than perhaps we are ready for! Back in October when we decided we would do it, April 2017 seemed a very long time away but here we are with three weeks to go!
Me and Carolyn Sunday Full
Back in 2006 when Mike was diagnosed with a brain tumour, it was nerve wracking time for all the family.  I don’t even like to think about it too much, but Mike has been very courageous and valiant in his approach.  Having now come out the other end, he is going to run for the Brain Research Trust and collectively it would be great to raise as much as possible for this amazing charity so that others can also benefit from the ongoing research that they are doing.
Thanks to all our friends who have already given and if anyone who hasn’t can contribute – it would be wonderful. To coin a phrase ‘Every penny counts’ so even if it’s just a couple of quid it would be gratefully received.
Thanks for all your support and we both look forward to seeing some familiar faces in the crowds to cheer us on and get us through the last 10k which is going to be the hardest!
x Caroline

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