Mile 12: Calm before the Storm?

With the alarm set for 6.30am yesterday, this was the calm before the storm.

Yeovil Morning

Yeovil Half Marathon is my last race before the big day in April. Driving through the English countryside with my friend, Kit Reynolds, I do a mental check. Running gel? Check. Fancy new running watch? Check. Four pints of beer the day before? Check.

Yeovil Start

20 minutes before the start of the race, Kit hands me a bacon bap.

Our plan is to aim for 8 minute miles, which is just a bit faster than I hope to run the London marathon. But ten minutes into the run, my watch tells me we’re averaging 7.17/mile. Is this adrenaline? Is this a nice surprise? Or am I going to end up by the side of the road, revisiting that bacon bap?

By mile nine, the road starts sloping upwards but to my surprise I’m not feeling the pain. And I finally cross the finishing line with a personal best of 1hr 38’47” – nearly five minutes faster than my last half marathon.

Bring on the next stormy month!





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