Mile 4: The Police Arrest (Part 1)

It was the middle of the night, when I suddenly awoke with an unexpected hangover and the sound of  walkie-talkie squawk in the room. Totally confused, I looked up to see two uniformed men at the base of my bed shining torches at me.

They asked me my name.

I was so bewildered, I didn’t know what to answer! My son was sleeping peacefully in his cot next to our bed. It was completely dark outside. Everything seemed calm. Then the walkie-talkie squawked again… I looked back at the men. “Can you tell us your name?”

I looked over to Monika who was next to me in our bed. She was wide awake, staring at me like I’d done something wrong. But she tried to reassure me, “It’s alright! Just answer their question!”

I desperately tried to think the evening’s events through in my head. Had I been somewhere last night? Had I done something out of character? Had I sleep-walked into the street and done something bad?


One of the men asked once again. But his voice was calm. That’s when I noticed the blood all over my pillow… then the ache in my mouth… and that the hangover feeling wasn’t just in my head, but all over my whole body. These weren’t policemen – they were emergency ambulance men!!

A cold sweat broke out over my whole body… “My name’s Michael Nollet.”

“Michael, you’ve had a seizure. Your wife called 999 and we’ve come to see if you are OK… As you’ve never had a seizure before we’d like to take you down to the hospital and have you checked out. It’s probably nothing to worry about but best to  safe than sorry.”

(You can read Monika’s version of this event here The Police Arrest (Part 2))

Initially I was told it was quite common for a lack of sleep to trigger seizures out of the blue – which seemed plausible given that Lukas was just two months old – but it was another two months again until I discovered the real cause of that first seizure.



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