Mile 3: Don’t Look Back

2016 has been a good training year…

I’ve managed to trip over dogs chasing each others, slice my elbow open, damage my calf muscle, hit a car whilst cycling (only to then hurl my bike at the driver’s bonnet and cancel out any compensation I was due in the first place!),  bruise my inner thigh, weaken my ankle and crack my knee-cap, but I’ve also managed to break my personal best distance and speed, and lose a handful of toenails in the process.


But now as 2017 approaches, I realise I’ve not even scratched the surface of training for the London Marathon! Time to increase the distances, crank up the speeds and swap the Pinot Noir for an isotonic lucozade. Good job John Barnes is here to remind us…

…although, after “90 minutes of sheer hell” I won’t have even completed half the bloody marathon! So as you tuck away your last mince pies, and drink your last drop of Baileys, spare a thought for all of us lonely long-distance runners out there in the dark running down the clock to London 2017.

And while your wondering why the hell we bother with it all, you can always splash a small amount on sponsoring my 26.2 miles marathon in aid of Brain Research Trust. I’m cheaper than a bottle of Pinot Noir!




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