Mile 2: The Golf Ball

If you hold your two clenched fists together – that is the size of your own brain. So in 2006, when I discovered I had a tumour the size of a golf ball, I thought I was pretty special…

But …oh no! Turns out other people I contacted had tumours the size of tennis balls. I was not in the Premier League after all!

Framed MRI.png

The human brain is the most complex phenomenon in the known universe. When normal cells grow old or get damaged, they die, and new cells take their place. Sometimes this process goes wrong… and bingo! Nobody knows the exact cause of this and only further research can help us find out why.

For me, my golf ball had probably been slowly growing (although benign) since I was a teenager. It had been quietly expanding for about 20 years, and only in 2006, had my brain said “I can’t cope with this any more!” …and that’s when I got my first fit.

So after my diagnosis, I came across Claire – a girl I met online through Meningioma UK’s forum page . She had just had a tennis-ball-sized tumour removed successfully whilst I was still working up towards my own operation…

Her best advice was brilliant – if rather black humoured: “I have the MRI scans at home… and I have one framed on the wall. When I am having a really shit day I look at the scan and think if I’ve dealt with that – then the shit doesn’t seem as bad.”



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